Welcome to selenoprofiles’s documentation!

Selenoprofiles is a profile-based gene finding pipeline specialized in selenoprotein and selenocysteine machinery.

The program takes two inputs per run:

  • one or more profile alignments = the protein families to search for,

  • a genome (or any other nucleotide database) = the target you want to scan.

By combining the homology-based gene finding tools blast, exonerate, and genewise, selenoprofiles identifies all genes in the target that are homologous to the input profile(s).

Selenoprofiles comes with built-in profiles for selenoproteins and other genes related to selenium metabolism, allowing out-of-the-box characterization of the selenoproteome of any organism, prokaryotic or eukaryotic.

However, selenoprofiles may be used to search for any protein family (i.e. unrelated to selenoproteins): users may easily build their own profile(s).

To install selenoprofiles, get started or learn advanced usage, check the documentation pages below.